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It’s time for the second week of the Ultimate Reset: Release

In Week Two, you’ll continue to refine your diet. You’ll have stopped eating animal proteins and dairy and you’ll be eating vegetarian meals (for veggie-challenged people, rest easy—we’ve found a way to make it yummy!) You’ll also be adding the next element in the Beachbody Ultimate Reset™ protocol: Detox. This supplement will help restore optimum health to your entire gastrointestinal tract, while detoxifying your body through improved bowel movements.

Although the Ultimate Reset is gentle, you may find you’re releasing toxic substances from more than just your digestive tract. Some people experience skin breakouts, while others find themselves releasing toxic emotions or dropping negative habits they’ve been holding on to.

Last year, there wasn’t a whole lot of releasing during the Release week, but everyone’s body is different, and maybe this round my body will be different too.  Know the UR’s version of “Detox” won’t have you wearing a diaper or running to the toilet every few minutes.

Ultimate Reset Day 8 – Wednesday

Oh boy!  Before leaving to take the boys to school I took my supplements, when I returned I had my breakfast and about 10 minutes later I realized I had forgot my first Detox supplement — oops!!  I took it right away.. wrong order, maybe should have waited to have it on an empty stomach prior to my afternoon snack but… oh well.  Won’t make this a habit :)

Here’s my food!

slide imageslide imageslide image
Day 8 Breakfast: Mixed fresh fruit
Day 8 Lunch: Microgreen Salad with Pumpkin Seeds and Avocado
Day 8 Dinner: Pinto Beans and Rice, zucchini and string beans

Breakfast: Mixed fresh fruit.  Used the frozen antioxident blend and added some fresh bananas (low glycemic when they’re not browning).

Lunch: Microgreen Salad with Pumpkin Seeds.  Not much to say here except it was tasty of course.  There was supposed to be avocado but I forgot it.

Dinner: Pinto Beans and Rice, zucchini and string beans.  I had fun with this meal! This is an easy to make, tasty meal, much like the tacos last week.  More on the “stack” below.

Feeling: Nothing like stepping on the scale and seeing 5 pounds down!  It reminds me how much I have been retaining water because since the first days, my wedding ring easily slips on and off anytime of the day.  Another thing:  Been SUPER thirsty today!  Drinking lots and peeing lots!

Food Ring and Mincing Knife

Food Ring and Mincing Knife

In preparation for meals after the Reset, I bought a Paleo Cookbook called Weeknight Paleo by Amber Beam.  Looking at the different recipes she recommends a stacker for some of the meals.  A simple little touch, but it does add a little something to your meals when you can have a little fun.  I think so anyway. This is the HIC Stainless Steel Food Ring (3 1/2″).  I picked it because of positive reviews and price.

The other device is a Two-Handled 7″ Double Bladed Mincing Knife. I hate chopping herbs… and this not only had good reviews, but two blades — twice the chopping.  YES please! :P  I’ve used it a couple of times now, and I am pleased with it, too!

Ultimate Reset Day 9 – Thursday

slide imageslide imageslide image
Day 9 Breakfast: Mixed fresh fruit
Day 9 Lunch: Leftover Pinto Beans and Rice, Microgreen Salad
Day 9 Dinner: Sweet Potato and Roasted Red Pepper Bisque and Roasted Asparagus with Almonds

Breakfast: Mixed fresh fruit again — and having fun with my plate :) Also, two words: CHOP WIZARD! I bought the Vidalia Chop Wizard a couple weeks ago… tried it once and wasn’t pleased.  Then I ended up coming across the infomercial on YouTube and realized I wasn’t chopping the lid like a like a niiiinja!  Once I slammed the lid down everything became so quick and easy!  The world, for that moment, was right ;) And if you’re wondering — NO, I’m not getting the Banana Slicer next — though I DO see the value in that for people with some cases of OCD :P

Lunch: Leftover Pinto Beans and Rice, Microgreen Salad.  I love leftover meals… makes this meal easier.  I just threw together the salad, heated the rice n beans, and left for my client’s.  Looking forward to this meal — I have become so crazy for those roasted pumpkin seeds!

Dinner: Sweet Potato and Roasted Red Pepper Bisque and Roasted Asparagus with Almonds. Delicious! I just really love the soups in these meals!  I can’t remember my reaction to this meal last year, but it seems more memorable to me this year.  Yum!

Feeling: I’m feeling really good, though a little scatterbrained.  I taught class tonight and had practiced my cues and coaching throughout the day… but when it came to physically moving and cuing I was tripping all over myself.  I feel really bad about it, because I know the members pay money and come for a good workout.  I’m thankful they’re all very sweet.  I posted to some Facebook Reset groups about it and one person suggested caffeine, so I will try that Saturday.

Also!  Great news!  Blood pressure looks GREAT!  This is my blood pressure Monday vs Thursday  (Week 1, Week 2).  High blood pressure is a symptom of food allergy.

High Blood Pressure - Food Allergy

Ultimate Reset Day 10 – Friday

slide imageslide imageslide imageslide imageslide image
Breakfast Day 10: Mixed Fruit
Day 10 Lunch: Greek Salad
Day 10 Lunch: Leftover Sweet Potato and Roasted Red Pepper Bisque
Day 10 Dinner: Flame & Skewers Falafels and Side Green Salad
Day 10 Dinner: Tabbooleh

Breakfast: Mixed Fruit — yes, again!  If you haven’t noticed, I prefer this option.  This week there’s been chickpeas, avocado, miso soup… but I really enjoy the big plate of fruit even though i know it’s more of the same next week.  I’m okay with that.

Lunch: Leftover Sweet Potato and Roasted Red Pepper Bisque and Greek Salad.  If you’re wondering — yes, I almost forgot my soup!  I did remember it just in time.  I also made the Greek Dressing for the first time — loved it!  I wish I wasn’t so crazy about the Creamy Garlic Dressing that I skipped making anything else.  Per request on Facebook, I’ve posted the Greek Salad Dressing Recipe.  Enjoy!

Dinner: Quinoa-Lentil Pilaf and steamed broccoli with lemon juice Flame & Skewers Falafels and Side Green Salad.  If you know me — then you know Flame & Skewers is my favorite restaurant.  The family wanted to out to eat so I ended up testing my abilities and went with them.  My goal was to stick to vegetarian.  Originally I ordered the Tabbooleh, I had ordered it before and thought I liked it.  Ohhhh no, I didn’t.   Not only was it too overpoweringly just parsley, but it also had bulgar which is a type of wheat, and I could tell my throat was swelling up from it!  I only had a few forced bites and threw in the towel and ordered a small side green salad and falafels.

Feeling: The day went well, starting to feel more and more tired… I’m interested by the fact the bulgar caused the reaction it did.  But that’s what this is all about, right?

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